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Imagine ...
You are standing in the middle of the magnificent structure
Surrounded by a beautiful light shining through the multicolored glass
What is it?
Stained glass
It takes you back into the history
To tell you a story...
To sing you a song..
To fill you with emotions...
To bring you joy....


Leo Art Stained Glass Studio brings 35 years of experience in custom design, painting and restoration of the stained and leaded glass windows.


The Art of Stained Glass takes a very special place among different art forms. Oil paintings, graphics, and lithographs have one thing in common an image is seeing through the reflection of the light off of the surface. In stained glass, a regular daylight makes its way through the colored glass and transforms into a beautiful, out of this world shine. It brings dynamics to the images and breezes life into it.

Going back in time, the History of stained glass begins in architecture many centuries ago.  In the atmosphere of a tremendously spacious house of worship, filled with the amazing light incoming from the colored windows it is an embodiment of the holy power and purity.

Traditional techniques in the creation of Stained Glass achieved perfection in the 11th century.  Specifics of the medieval technical process were described for the first time by the German monk Teofil in 1100 and have not changed much since then.




Residential Mosaics 

Kitchen Backsplash Design




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